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DES-CLICK Split Cable Gland

Spit Cable Gland with ingress protection of IP54. Tool free assembly. Available in M20, M32 and M50 sizes.

Splittable Cable Gland. Suitable for sealing and securing cables with connectors. Combination of split frame and rubber inserts to suit the cable. Ingress protection up to IP54.

Simple installation. One cut-out for multiple cables. Simply feed all cables through the one cut-out and then use the DES system to seal and secure the cables. Reduce installation times and costs.

Multiple frame sizes. M25, M32 and M50 sizes available. M50 version holds 4 small inserts or 1 large insert, allowing for greater flexibility.

Large number of cable inserts. Cable inserts from 2mm up to 34mm. Multi-hole inserts are also available ensuring the best use of space. See the full range of available inserts.

  • Seal to IP54
  • Sturdy Construction to IK10
  • Flammability to UL94-VO
  • Halogen and Silicon free.
  • Temp Range -40 to +155 degrees C.


Product Data

Item Description Datasheet
1731051020 DES-CLICK 20 Download
1731051025 DES CLICK 25 Download
1731051032 DES CLICK 32 Download
1731051050 DES CLICK 50 Download