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Buttkereit is the sole UK agent for Gmeinder Final Drives and the UK’s only supplier of original Gmeinder spare parts, supplying over 3000 Gmeinder drives for locomotives, rail cars high speed trains, metros and trams.

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Final Drives for Rail Maintenance Vehicles

hydrostatic final drives for rail maintenance vehicles

Spur-Bevel Gear For Narrow Track Vehicles

Type: GGT190EHA/497 + GGT190E/327

Spur-Bevel Gear Without Shiftable Reverse

Type: GGT190EHA/380 + GGT190E/327D

Helical-Bevel Gearbox With Shiftable Reverse

Type: GGT180HA/331 + GGT180E/285A

Axle-Hung Gearbox

Type: GGT240S/595


The GGM-TractionPack® contains all components that are necessary for optimum power transmission from the motor to the track.

Buttkereit provide a comprehensive range of technical solutions for the management and protection of cables in industrial applications.

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