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DES 24-90

A divisible cable entry frame that allows for 90 degree entry of cables into machinery, electrical panels, and other devices. Suitable for cables that are fitted with or without connectors.

The patented design of the Detas Cable Entry System allows for a great deal of flexibility in the variation and combination of cable inserts within a single frame. Various configurations of small and large cable inserts can be utilised and with the option of multi hole inserts up to 40 cables can be accommodated in a very small area.

The frame can be fitted to the standard openings for 24-pin multi pin connectors with screws which can be supplied on request. There is also the option of a quick snap fixing mount to allow for faster mounting of the frame.

The frame also includes a rear gasket that is moulded into the frame and does not require a separate individual gasket.

The DES-24 90 has protection rating of IP54 and complies with the EN62444 which regulates cable holding force. The system also is compliant with the self-extinguishing class UL 94 VO.

  • 90 degree Cable Entry
  • Multiple configurations one frame size
  • Frame screws in 304 stainless steel
  • IP54 certified
  • Strain relief to EN 62444
  • Sturdy construction IK10
  • UL94 VO approved