Split Conduit

ROH Rflex Duo

Rohrflex is a two-part split cable conduit. Ideal for retro-fit and maintenance. Available in sizes from 10mm up to 32mm. Fit around existing wires and cables without the need to cut or rewire.

  • Corrugated Protective Plastic tubing.
  • Two-piece split conduit, perfect for protecting cables.
  • Can be pulled apart and closed up again allowing for the protection of terminated cables.
  • Also allows for the protection of cables in situ without rewiring.


  • Protection of pre-terminated cables.
  • Warranty of cable remains.
  • Retrofitting and maintenance can be carried out easily.

Tech Data

  • Temp Range -40 - +120 - +150C
  • Material. PA6 Plastic.
  • HB (UL 94)
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