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Highly Flexible Protective Plastic Conduit

Added 21 Oct 2019
Highly Flexible Protective Plastic Conduit
Flexible Protective Conduit

Airflex is a highly flexible protective conduit. It is available with a PVC or Polyurethane outer sheathing. A range of suitable connectors is also available.

Highly Flexible Protective Plastic Conduit
Airflex offers cable protection with flexibilty

Manufactured from a spiral of spring steel wire with an outer PVC or Polyurethane sheathing. Airflex is an extremely flexible, airtight and liquid tight protective conduit for cable protection. It is widely resistant to oil and acids and free of silicone and cadmium.

The Polypropylene variant also provides excellent resistance to abrasion and also to oils, solvents and acids. Performance is good in low temperatures and it is also flame resistant.

  • Highly Flexible
  • Airtight and Liquid tight
  • Resistant to oil, solvents and acids
  • Free of Halogen, Silicone and Cadmium
  • Flame Resistant
  • V2 according to UL94

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