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Cable Energy Chain with integrated end fittings

Added 16 Aug 2019
Cable Energy Chain with integrated end fittings
Separate end fittings are not required with the Kolibri energy chain

The kolibri cable energy chain is a lightweight and durable energy chain suitable for most standard applications. It has the added benefit that each link of the energy chain can be used as a fixing point.

This brings a number of useful benefits.

  • Cost saving. There is no need for additional end fittings saving the cost of the fitting and also reducing the number of parts involved.
  • Quick installation. In applications where the required length of chain may alter. The chain can be removed from a coil and fitted immediately. No need to acquire and fix additional end fittings.
  • Strength - the fixing of the chain is very close to the adjacent link. This increases the strength of the connection and reduces the likelihood of the connection point becoming a weak point. As it often is in chains with standard end fittings.