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DES CLICK Cable Entry Frame

Fast and cost-effective cable entry solution

The DES CLICK product range is the fastest and most cost-effective solution for routing terminated cables through electrical cabinets or machine panels.

Fitting cables and closing the frame can all be done without tools and can be carried out directly on the panel.

Subsequent replacement and addition of cables can be also carried out easily.

The flexible design of the frame allows for a combination of small and large cable inserts.

The system is suitable for cables from 2mm up to 32mm. Ingress protection of IP54 is acheived and strain relief is effective to EN6544

  • Tool free assembly
  • Cables from 2mm up to 32mm
  • Strain relief to EN 62444
  • IP54 protection
  • External gasket included
  • UL94 - VO flammability


Product Data

Item Description Datasheet
DES 24 10 small inserts / 1 lrg 6 small Download
DES 16 8 small inserts / 1 lrg 4 small Download
DES 10 6 small inserts / 1 lrg 2 small Download
DES Q 4 small inserts / 1 large Download