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Energy Chain with Protective Sliders

Added 12 Jan 2022
Energy Chain with Protective Sliders

The PKK energy chain is available with additional sliding pads for long travel applications. Substantially reducing friction and wear.

Energy Chain with Protective Sliders

In many long travel applications (more info) it is common to have the chain slide back on itself or on sliding rails to support the weight of the chain in travel.

The PKK energy chain has the option of additional sliding pads to provide a low friction and hard wearing surface for such applications.

The sliding pads not only provide an excellent sliding surface with low friction but also reduce wear on the chain itself.

The sliders can be added to our standard PKK chain and can also be replaced when required. Combined with a scheduled maintenance plan, the life of the chain can be extended significantly.

The sliders are mounted to the inner radius of the energy chain and have a very low co-efficient of friction. (0.2 to 0.25). The actual co-efficient of friction will always vary to some extent dependent on the environment and presence of water in the atmosphere.

Energy Chain with Protective Sliders

The PKK is a robust plastic energy chain suitable for long travel applications and challenging environments. It is a modular energy chain that can be assembled to suit a specific application with the option of multi band arrangements or protective covers.

More information on the PKK chain.

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