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What is the bend radius of an energy chain?

The bend radius of a cable energy chain determines how much the chain bends. It is the distance from the centre of the bend to the centre of the link, as demonstrated in the image below.

What is the bend radius of an energy chain?
Bend radius

The bend radius depends on two things:

1. The bend radius of the cable / hose in the chain.

Most cables or hoses should come with information from the manufacturer on their safe bending radius.

If you don’t have this information then a good rule of thumb is to take the outer diameter of the cable or hose and multiply it by ten. This will usually give you a reliable figure to work with. Highly flexible cables suitable for energy chain applications often have bend radius of around 7 times the cable diamter.

With multiple cables you only need to know the largest bend radius of the cable or hose you are dealing with. This is the critical dimension.

2. The space you have for the chain.

In confined areas, you will need to make sure that the bend radius allows the chain to fit in.