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DPZ Cable Entry System

Added October 2017

Quick and effective alternative to cable glands.

DPZ Cable Entry System
DPZ Cable Entry System

Cable glands are the traditional method of sealing and securing cables in cabinets and enclosures. 
They can work well if you single cable but if you are dealing with a number of cables, there can be problems. 

If you have many cables then you will need to drill a large number of cables in your cabinet, this takes time, it takes space and it can be unsightly. 
Then you have to fit each cable individually, again taking time. 

The Solution. 
The DPZ cable entry system offers an alternative method. 
The frame allows for multiple cables to be fitted through a single unit. 
Simply, make a slit in the rubber membrane and then push the cable through. 

This systems has a number of advantages. 

You only have to make one hole in your cabinet to fit multiple cables. 
You can fit a large number of cables in a small space. 

The system provides sealing protection up to IP68 and is available in numerous sizes. 

Please click here for DPZ for round cut-outs.
Please click here for DPZ with square cut-outs.

If you want to know more or need some help in finding the right solution, please e-mail or call 0161 969 5418. 

DPZ Cable Entry System

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