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Hydraulic Punch Tool

We can now offer a range of punch driver tools for square, rectangular or round cut-outs.

The tools, which incorporate a hand hydraulic punch driver, do not require any cumbersome hose connections and are capable of providing appropriate cut-outs for a wide range of cable entry system products.

The hydraulic punch drivers utilise special punches which minimise both the cutting pressure and associated manual effort required for operation. 
The hydraulic cylinder can be rotated 360° on three axes, providing easy access to hard-to-reach or otherwise cramped working areas.

The tool can be used to punch holes in stainless VA steel (up to 2mm thick), together with mild steel, aluminium or plastics up to 3mm sheet thickness.

With a pilot hole of 10mm diameter, round knock-out punches are available for standard cut-outs PG16, M16, M20 and M25. 
With an M20/20.3mm diameter pilot hole, standard cut-outs to cover M32, M40, M50 and M63 sizes can be achieved. 
For the square/rectangular cut-outs, a pilot hole of M25/25.5mm diameter is required for which a standard punch tooling is available to cover two cut-out sizes of 46mm x either 46 or 112mm, together with 36mm x either 65, 86 or 112mm respectively.

Individual box sets are available incorporating appropriate punches, dies and draw studs used either with a counter nut or spacer for the optional hand-hydraulic punch driver tools. 
The ease of application and operation of the hydraulic drivers is highly advantageous for multi-hole punching operations when compared to the more conventional fully manual operated wrench-style punches.

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