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Does my cable drag chain require support?

Where a  cable chain or energy chain can no longer support the weight of the cables in its own, the chain will require some sort of support. This is often referred to as a long travel application.

The chain requires support where the "free carrying length" of the chain has been exceeded. 
The free carrying length of a cable chain can vary hugely from one cable chain to another. A lightweight plastic chain may require support if it is more than a  couple of metres long, a heavy duty steel cable chain can be self supporting for ten metres or more.

The hoses and cables that are in the  cable chain are obviously also a contributing factor. The more weight in the cable chain, the more the free carrying length will be reduced.
No matter what chain you use , if you have a travel length of 20 metres or more then it is likely that the cable chain will require some kind of support. 

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