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Calculating the length of a cable drag chain.

The length of a cable chain is dependent on three factors.

1. The length of travel.

2. The radius of the cable drag chain. (what's this?)

3. Where the cable chain is mounted.

If you quickly want to calculate how long a cable chain is required, the following formula is a good shortcut.

Chain mounted in the centre of the travel.
The most common place to mount a cable drag chain is at the centre of the travel.
By mounting it in the centre of travel you will need the shortest length of chain to achieve it.

(Length of Travel / 2)  + (Radius x 4)

Chain mounted at the end of the travel.
Sometimes for ease of installation or with some long travel systems it may be best to mount the chain at the 
end of the travel.

Length of travel + (Radius x 4)

Calculating the length of a cable drag chain.

Above is  a sketch showing the difference between a chain mounted in the centre of the travel and one mounted at the end.


The above formula is really only a rough guide for making a quick assessment.

If you want to an exact measurement -contact us - on 0161 969 5418

or email.