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Benefits of Cable Drag Chain Systems over Festoon Systems.

Benefits of Cable Drag Chain Systems over Festoon Systems.
Festoon System - Cable Drag Chain System.

Festoon cable systems can lead to problems. Hanging cables are exposed and unprotected, free to move and become damaged or tangled. Any maintenance can be extremely disruptive. A cable drag chain system provides a reliable alternative.

Cable Protection. Cables within a drag chain are enclosed and constrained within a fixed bend radius. This ensures the maximum protection for the cables. There is also the possibility of a completely enclosed cable drag chain system protecting the cables fully.

Easy Installation. We supply a complete solution of cable chain, cables and all required guide troughs. Each system is designed to suit the specific demands of your application to ensure the that installation is as quick and trouble free as possible.

Space Saving Design. No hanging cables taking up space. Cable drag chain systems are compact and can be fitted in numerous configurations to make the best use of the space available.

Shorter Cable Lengths. Cable drag chain systems make the most efficient use of the length of the cable, keeping the length of the cable to a minimum.

Reduce Downtime and Maintenance. Once installed cable drag chain systems require very little maintenance and should run trouble free for years.

Reduction in push / pull forces. Forces on machinery can be dramatically reduced, with the potential to extend the life and the accuracy of machinery.

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